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Top Five Reasons to Purchase A Plane Now

Posted on May 1, 2020 by Todd Peterson

Have you ever considered buying a plane of your own? Sure, it would be nice to avoid the hassles of airport security and long waits. For many pilots, it’s worth considering, because you may be pleasantly surprised that buying your own plane is possible!

With summer right around the corner, many of us are looking forward to a return to familiar routines, family vacations, and freedom. And chances are, your plans involve some kind of travel, either business or personal. If that is the case, consider these five excellent reasons to skip long drives and commercial airlines by purchasing a plane this year!

Reason One: More freedom

Ah, freedom. Perhaps not the first thing we think of when planning to travel for business or personal reasons. But all that could change by buying a new or refurbished plane. Just think: with your own plane, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Reason Two: Avoid airports, flight delays, and security

It’s amazing how big airports can turn short flights into a lengthy ordeal, isn’t it? That, combined with the flight delays and cancellations that often come with flying commercial airlines, and you’ve wasted hours of your valuable time. You can easily avoid all that, though, with a plane of your own.

Reason Three: Multi-purpose flexibility

Owning a plane is great for businesses with remote locations or clients. But they are also a great choice for your next family vacation. Instead of the hassles of trying to find flights going where you want to go, at the time you want to go there, for the right price, consider how easy it would be to simply hop aboard your own plane and take off.

Reason Four: Huge tax benefits

Thanks to recent changes in tax law, you could offset the cost of buying a new or refurbished plane with some pretty amazing deductions on your annual tax returns if you own a business. While these deductions are widely available and are a great reason to buy right now, it’s still important to check first with your tax advisor.

Reason Five: Economic conditions are perfect right now

Interest rates for financing are still low, and with the recent drop in gas prices, owning a plane could be more affordable than you ever thought possible. Refurbished planes are surprisingly cost-effective, and can provide you with years of freedom. Besides, public transportation can put your health at risk currently, thanks to an impending flu season and COVID-19. Simply put, you and your family are safer traveling on your own plane. And being able to protect the ones you love is a valuable thing.

With so many reasons to buy, what are you waiting for? It can become a rewarding investment that uplevels your lifestyle in many ways.

Contact us here at Elite Air Center today to find out how we can help you achieve the summer of your dreams.

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