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The Airplane Market Remains Healthy!

Posted on April 1, 2020 by Todd Peterson

During these wild times, we are in need of some good news! If you currently own plane, you'll be glad to know there is a positive climate within the private aviation market, with sales and values currently holding strong. And if you're considering purchasing an aircraft, now is excellent time to explore your options.

According to, appraisers, aircraft brokers and finance companies, the market has remained stable.

Aviation dealers and experts predict that when the Covid-19 crisis ends, sales growth will be increased by new owners who want to take advantage of decreased fuel costs and low interest rates. The desire to avoid commercial airline travel may also be a motivating factor.

The International Aircraft Dealers Association also had strong sales in March, reporting an unprecedented number of pre-owned aircraft transactions in under three weeks.

At Elite Air Center, inquiries from prospective buyers and requests for refurbishment quotes are picking up. Rest assured that the previously owned aircraft market is maintaining and values are stable.

If you are interested in refurbishing your plane, or would like more information about buying or selling, please contact us!