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Completed Projects

Extreme Makeover of N3871C

The foundation of each Extreme Makeover is a well-maintained airplane with no damage history. N3871C meets those criteria and more, and is perfect for a makeover!

Month 1

Our first step is removing the old interior and sending out the engines to be overhauled. Then it’s time for an in-depth inspection of the airframe, begin the repairs and upgrades to the airframe, and remove the old avionics, wires, and servos.

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Month 2

The airframe repairs & upgrades are well-underway, and the design of the new avionics panel will soon be finalized. All of the new avionics equipment has arrived, and is ready to be placed in its new home.

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Month 3

In our pursuit of the perfect avionics panel it takes planning, making improvements, testing, and improving again. The end result is an extremely capable, aesthetically pleasing, pilot-friendly flight control system that helps you manage the entire flight with ease.

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Month 4

The airframe upgrades and new avionics panel are complete, and the Elite Series Blueprint engines are being assembled.

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