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Elite Clients


"When I was looking to buy a V-tail Bonanza, I kept coming back to the Elite website. Seeing N6688E and all of the instruments that set it apart from all other V-Tails, I looked at it for months. Then I made the mistake of flying from Olathe, KS to Hawley, MN to see it first-hand. Best decision I ever made! When I saw the paint job, the new interior and how the instruments were set up - we were hooked. Janell and I flew back home and we knew we had found our airplane. Dale told me that he would not hesitate to put his family in 88E and go anywhere. With 4 boys, that was important. I have had 88E for 16 years, it still looks like brand new and we get lots of compliments about how it looks. People are shocked that the paint and interior are 16 years old. Elite also upgraded the engine to an IO550 and Turbo Normalized. I am more than 700 hours past TBO and have never had to cancel a flight because of a maintenance issue. Dale and Todd have been great to work with, as they have helped out with additional purchases of equipment and an oxygen issue that we needed help with. You will not find any dealer that knows as much or does a makeover any better than Elite Air Center."

Dan and Janell Hill

Alpharetta, GA

"I bought my first plane from Elite in 1981. It was a beautiful A36. A couple of years later, I read an article about a banker flying a P-Baron in the south and how well he could navigate thunderstorms and what speed & efficiency he had. I figured that was what I needed. I called Dale and said I wanted one. He would not sell me one. Imagine that, an airplane broker that won’t sell an airplane to a pilot.

He said I was not experienced enough and would have to have some Baron time before transitioning into a P-Baron. I did that. He was right. He helped me transition in and out of the Baron without losing anything. Since then, I have bought and sold 6 P-Barons with Elite Air Center."

Dennis Estis

Sedona, AZ

"When our A36 was completed and delivered by the Elite Air Center, it was everything we expected. The "Elite Series" refurbished exterior and interior are top quality. The avionics installation and the refurbished panel were also done just right. We were also able to have Elite Air Center install tip tanks, gap seals, tinted windows and other additions we wanted. We receive continuous compliments on the new look of our Bonanza."

Gene Jones, Jr.

Sioux Falls, SD

"I have purchased two "Elite Series" 58P Barons from Dale. They were two of the finest examples of P-Barons in the country. The paint was exquisite, without a raised edge on any of the stripes or decals. The butterscotch leather was comparable to what is used in a fine luxury motor car - Mercedes or Audi. The avionics packages were state-of-the-art, with EFIS, SANDEL, GARMIN 530 AND 430s, and AVIDYNE modules.

The people at Elite were great to deal with and they paid attention to the special requests of the owner such as placards, replacement screws and door seals. The ultimate beauty was in the details. Brilliant whites, glowing stripes and luminescent trim. The carpet was fitted exactly to the contours of the floorboards and the trim to the fuselage interior. No gaps, spaces or bent up corners.

My confidence in Elite was confirmed as I parked at various FBOs subsequent to completion of the work. I got "thumbs up" and compliments on the paint and interior everywhere I went. Other owners asked, "Who did your paint? It looks great." My answer was simply "Elite Air Center, Hawley, Minnesota. You ought to give 'em a call."

I took great pride in my aircraft when they were completed. Sometimes it just pays to get the best!"

Bruce A Lampert

Broomfield, CO

"I had Elite Air Center refurbish my 1980 Beechcraft 58P Baron. I was told how good these people were at paint, interiors, avionics and other additions such as avionics, speed brakes, thermal windows, low thrust detectors and anything else that can be added to a Baron. I expected a real good job and was not disappointed. It turned out to be the best paint, interior and equipment refurbish I have ever seen on any airplane. All my flying friends were totally impressed. I think that everything done to my plane was well worth the price and I would recommend Elite Air Center to anyone who wants to make their airplane a great airplane."

Dave Merzanis

Las Vegas, NV