• 1980 Beech Baron 58P

    Reg # N831GE

    Owner:   Gary Eberle, M.D.

    Location:   Roscoe, Illinois, USA

    Phone:   815-262-1660

I had been flying a 1979 BE58 Baron for about four years, had upgraded the avionics and was thinking about having the paint and interior done when the CFII who had given me my insurance required training called me and said he had brought a 1980 BE58P baron with 1660 hours TT to Rockford for a small company in Wisconsin that was trying to sell it.  He had heard me say it would be nice to have something turbocharged and pressurized to make some of the trips I take.  I was not looking for another plane, but couldn’t pass up taking a look, and of course going for a flight. The rest is history.

I purchased the P-Baron. I was fortunate to be able to sell my 1979 baron to one of my partners.  After flying the P-Baron for awhile I decided to go ahead and upgrade the 1980 avionics. While deciding on an avionics package and who I was going to have do it, I ran across a advertisement for a plane that was being sold by Elite Air Center, Hawley, MN.  A link took me to Elite’s website.  I contacted Dale Cox and arranged to have their “makeover”.

N831GE is now one of the best looking BE58P barons (if not the best!).  During the process Dale and I had an excellent working relationship.  We let my wife, Sylvia, pick the colors, she and I and Dale agreed on the design, Dale and I worked on the avionics package.  We did paint, interior, avionics, deice boots, windscreen with hot plate.  You almost have to see the interior and paint in person to appreciate the attention to detail. All of the plastic in the interior is covered with a soft/light weight leather, the paint stripes are smooth-you can’t feel the edges of the stripes.

Best of all, my wife (who had told me that my previous plane should be the last one) really likes flying in the P-Baron.

Gary Eberle, M.D.

Elite Client...   Gary Eberle, M.D.